If you’re interested in teaching an arts-oriented class at Centered Earth Clay Arts Studio, please fill out the Class/Workshop Proposal Form below. In addition to this form, please send a high-quality photo (jpeg or png file) of your proposed project to Kathy at kgorg@hotmail.com, and include the project title in the subject line. Images should be well-lit, with a neutral background, and engaging enough to make people want to take your class!

Please note, Centered Earth will not review your proposal or schedule your class(es) until we receive ALL information, including images. If your class is approved, we reserve the right to edit/crop/resize descriptions and images as needed for functionality & clarity. If your class is not approved, please understand that our growing studio is increasingly busy, and we aim to select the projects that will fit best with our facility and our other offerings as well as our students’ needs and expectations.

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